Folkestone-based artist Kate Beaugié added a golden dimension to the recent Cheriton Light Festival


Kate’s installation Gathering drew a steady flow of visitors to All Souls Church.

Gathering consisted of seven gold-leaf covered cubes spaced around the candlelit ambience of All Souls, the ideal backdrop to the work.

Inside each cube, glowing otherworldly in the candlelight, was a sealed and secret message to a recently-departed loved one.

”I feel the empty spaces in the cubes are similar to the empty space inside me left behind after a bereavement,” said Kate.

“I choose and use gold because I think the reason we desire gold is that it gathers all available light, like icons, and shines in the dark. It is the only metal not to tarnish. It has its own force.”

Icons have been a noted theme in Kate’s work for over a decade, since she was studying for a research MA under the tutor Iain Biggs at UWE and Gathering referenced the gilded icons of the Renaissance.

“Cubes have also fascinated me for quite a while; I feel they are a human interpretation of logic and reason, but my thoughts are not really relevant in this instance; it’s the intuition that has guided this piece and trajectory of this investigation.”

The installation provided a meditative, uplifting and restorative contrast to the bustle of the mainly electrically-powered Festival.

The cubes were angled to face the setting sun on the dates of the Light Festival.

“The piece could be described as an ancient light installation,” said Kate.   “For three years I’ve attended the Festival and I’ve had the same idea each time. This year I actually had the chance to put it into the world”.

The Cheriton Light Festival is organised by Folkestone’s Strange Cargo arts company.

Kate Beaugié – Photograph by  © Robert Greshoff


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Images of installation by © Kate Beaugié and © Nathan Eaton-Baudains